OK, really it’s the November EBE release, but I love sweater weather—there’s nothing like being all cozy! My latest release is available now at Check it all out on the This Just In Page HERE—be warned, the samples are drool-worthy!!! You can also listen in on “The Story Behind The Stamps”—just scroll down that page until you see the video.

I’m sharing this fun ditty today featuring, Snow Buds Stamps/Snow Buds Dies:

Who wouldn’t wanna hang out with this crowd?

Watch out for the kid on the left—he’s a cheeky one! •grin•

Links to the release are down below—there’s even some great bundles!

There are also some brand spankin’ new embellishments (over in the NEW section) that are perfect for this collection, also listed down at the bottom of the project specific supplies. SO CUTE!!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope there’s something in this release that speaks to you!




Merry Days Glitter Stickers

This glittery thing was made using the very same method as I show in this video tutorial on the Ellen Hutson LLC blog HERE. It’s a fun video—’cuz you get to see something I’m rarely willing to do: get stuff on my hands. •insert shocked eyeballs• AAAAAAaaaand, my involuntary shudder is off camera so you don’t have to watch the look on my face while I’m squee-gee-ing (sp?) all that glitter off with my BARE.NEKKED.FINGERS. GAAAAAH!

A viewer very kindly suggested I wear surgical gloves next time. So smart!!! I have tons of those laying around and I dunno why I didn’t think to don them prior to the glitter bath. •smacks forehead•

Incidentally, the card over on the Ellen Hutson blog was the first one I made with that set when I first got it into my hands and the rest were follow-ups/variations.

Don’t they look like puffy glitter stickers?! Don’t get me wrong, I love my foam mounting tape and I use GOBS of it. BUT, just double-layering the die cut shapes + the glitter really does give them great dimension without needing to use the foam tape in this case. •BOOYAH!•

Xyron Sticker Maker + glitter = DAZZLING!



I haven’t done one of these in the longest time—thought it would be fun to do with the Merry Days Set because the solid images make it sooooooo fun!

I haven’t posted a YouTube video in forever, but I have one today. I know. Don’t mess yer dress. (insert rolling eyeballs)…

I’ve been tinkering with my YouTube Channel; to be frank, I have a hate/hate relationship with YouTube (don’t get me started)… It’s taken me a full day, like yes, 8 freaking hours, to figure out how the heck to link this website (on my YT banner) and NOT to my old blog; the information is buried SO dang deep you can’t find it easily. Seriously, seriously painful. OK, rant over.

I’m going to go lie down now.