card design


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently visiting my daughter’s family in Japan. But, I realized there were a few projects I’d made from my most recent EBE Release that I hadn’t shared here, so I’ll try to pop in, when time allows, with a quick share here and there.

This little birdie is just so sweet and love how the solid/filler allows you to highlight his li’l cheek and wing! I have a thing for birds . . . Not sure why . . . I think it’s just that they seem so graceful and free. Unless they’re crows, buzzards or vultures, of course. LOL!

After assembly, the balloon was treated to a nice coating of Glossy Accents and allowed to dry—for some reason, lately, I want to Glossy Accents all the things.

And, I’m a sucker for those teeny tiny star sequins . . . Such an adorable accent! •heart eyes•

Hope you’re having a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!



Bear is poppin’ in quick like to say, “Hoppy Easter!” Those ears totally crack me!!!


Now that my kids are all growed up (with one living overseas with the grandweeble), rather than dying eggs for Easter hunts and baskets, I make a platter full of deviled eggs—YUM!!! (lotsa lip-smackin’ goin’ on here!)

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely holiday, wherever you are!



I know—Deja Vu, right?! This is the card I made from the adorable animals I watercolored in the blog/video hop post featuring with the Waffle Flower Water Media Mat, from last week.

If you’ve never made a TILT card before, they are quite easy and fun. I have a video below showing the mechanics—it’s a very simple mechanism and you can customize it to anything you want to make tilt back and forth.


I used Waffle Flower’s Be Her set, but there’s a Be-Him version that is pretty doggone cute, too . . . Just sayin’ . . . •wink•

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