Soooooo, I bet you thought those stripey looking things in the Unicorns & Rainbows Stamp Set were clouds.  They can be.  But, in my head, they were groovy hills of grass. 😆

Does that surprise you?

And, I just had to use some Scratch-off stickers I've been hoarding.  Love.those.things.  They come in a lot of different sizes (I listed them in the supplies if you're looking for one in particular); the 1 x 2"* was perfect for this project.


This rainbow washi tape by HAI Supply makes me giddy because of its gorgeous watercolor look!  Makes it so easy to secure a shiny new penny inside the card and it totally coordinates with the card! *fist pump*


I know a penny is just a penny, but there is something about a shiny copper penny that looks so much more special than any other coin to me...

Raise your hand if you shine up your pennies with a baking soda and vinegar bath like me... LOL!  


It's hard to tell in the shot, but there's a lotta glittery sparkles on this window card--it's all over the rainbow, Unicorn's mane and tail, the bottom of those poufy clouds.  I wish it were easier to capture sparkle on camera.

Used the •uber• cool Infinity Cloud dies by Hero Arts to make my window, which was then lined with a piece of tulle (instead of acetate) to float the elements on.  



Any time I see a fab basic shape like this in a nested set, it has to come live at my house.  I can't resist the potential.  I love the saying on this card (from the Pure Magic set); makes me smile--how could you not, if a friend sent you a card that said this??? I mean, come on...


This unicorn profile cracks me up--reminds me of those hair coloring commercials where the girl is tossing her head from side to side and her hair just flows and flips back & forth in slow motion.  HAIR FLIP!!! YASSSSSSSS!!! 

Works for me.

As I was developing this design, it occurred to me that I could use the light rays from the Silver Linings Die Set, die-cutting two from foil card stock, mounting them side by side together onto some typing paper and then die cutting those with a star shape, to really draw attention to the focal.  The clouds were die cut from vellum card stock.

There was a lotta serious monkey clapping when I finished this.