Why is it I always have too many irons in too many fires? Launching an online holiday class almost simultaneously with a new release is nuts— I’m still trying to catch my breath . . . The above is one of several samples I made for the November release but I got completely overwhelmed . . .

Alrighty, on to the project I’ve posted today! I love using these smaller dies, like the Skinny Stripes, for DIY Stencils—makes me supremely happy!

I tested out a bunch of different tools for getting multiple ink colors stenciled within this tight pattern, with the least amount of fuss/work (y’all have no idea; I was like a woman possessed) and, after many fails, it was actually my Sponge Daubers for the win! YASSSSSS!!! •fist pump•

Glossy Accents over the diamond shapes makes them look like epoxy dots! LOVE THAT!!!

Crystal Clear Plastic for the pop-up platforms are almost invisible. Cool. Video for how to assemble the Pop-Up Mittens Die Set is HERE; just scroll down the page a bit until you see the video player.

Hope you’re having a good week!

How did it get to be Tuesday already????? Note to self: Get a clone.