Brandi’s Hard Candy Christmas set is so much fun for making shaker cards! •fist pump•

I stamped a ton of the candy in yellows, greens and pinks and then die cut them so I’d have lots at the ready to use as filler and embellishment both. They’re so cute mixed in with some sparkly sequins!


I used double layers of foam tape so things could shake around freely and was careful not to “over-stuff” the fillers. Gosh, I actually think this is one of the prettiest—and sweetest, LOL!—holiday cards I’ve ever made!

The candies adorning the front of the card were garnished with Diamond Stickles. HAH! Don’t let the culinary terms fool ya’, tho—this is strictly EYE candy. •wink•



I know—Deja Vu, right?! This is the card I made from the adorable animals I watercolored in the blog/video hop post featuring with the Waffle Flower Water Media Mat, from last week.

If you’ve never made a TILT card before, they are quite easy and fun. I have a video below showing the mechanics—it’s a very simple mechanism and you can customize it to anything you want to make tilt back and forth.


I used Waffle Flower’s Be Her set, but there’s a Be-Him version that is pretty doggone cute, too . . . Just sayin’ . . . •wink•

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The Water Media Mat by Waffle Flower Stamps was one of our Top Ten picks from Creativation 2019 and what a great tool!

I’m not gonna lie: One of the (aesthetic) things I absolutely love most about it? It’s WHITE!!! ALL WHITE!!! YASSSSSSSSS!!! •fist pump•

I’m video hopping with Nina and the Waffle Flower gang over on YouTube!

***Please watch the video there, because, hey, PRIZES!!!***

Full video hop list is available HERE on the Waffle Flower blog!

This thing has quickly become one of my favorite tools because watercolor is my favorite coloring medium and with this mat, you can use not only bonafide watercolors, but also water-based markers, water-based ink cubes, etc.

Keep in mind it is NOT A CUTTING MAT; no sharp stuff allowed, people! But, dang! I talk about all the other things you can do on this surface in the video—And, my apologies for the audio; the Mister decided to mow the lawn during the only time frame I had for voice-over and I don’t have a sound-proof audio booth . . . •sigh•


Those little she critters are so adorable and, no kidding, they’re the perfect size for watercoloring! And, gosh, so perfect for that tilt card, right?!


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