holiday cards



Brandi’s Hard Candy Christmas set is so much fun for making shaker cards! •fist pump•

I stamped a ton of the candy in yellows, greens and pinks and then die cut them so I’d have lots at the ready to use as filler and embellishment both. They’re so cute mixed in with some sparkly sequins!


I used double layers of foam tape so things could shake around freely and was careful not to “over-stuff” the fillers. Gosh, I actually think this is one of the prettiest—and sweetest, LOL!—holiday cards I’ve ever made!

The candies adorning the front of the card were garnished with Diamond Stickles. HAH! Don’t let the culinary terms fool ya’, tho—this is strictly EYE candy. •wink•



Modern, clean AND easy to reproduce? Yes, please! Stamp flowers in a pretty mid-tone pink, white emboss greeting onto scraps of card stock that look pretty together, trim and pop them up onto the card front. •BOOM•

NOTE: I will say this photo is a tad deceptive—I really had a hard time shooting it without overexposing it—I had to slip a quarter sheet of that deep pink (actually more of a deep pink red color) underneath it for more contrast. In reality, that color of paper is a tad more pink and not quite as deep as the photo shows.

Anyhoo, I was so stoked over how this turned out, I bet it would look awesome in a variety of color combos—time to dive into the scrap bin! (wink)

Have a fab day!


There was a lotta chuckling and monkey-clapping goin’ on when I finished this one—and I know just who to send it to, LOL! Hands and feet were hand drawn, and then the little guys were coated with Glossy Accents.

The Bears are ready for Turkey Day—I’m laughing because I remember the last time the Mister and I were in Disneyland, and he just had to have one of those turkey legs—they’re ginormous, LOL! I

I haven’t shown off the Mondo Amaryllis yet, so here’s one way to use it. I white embossed it with a detail/fine white powder and watercolored it. I’ve learned (after many fails, LOL!) to use a fine/detail embossing powder if I plan to die cut the shape later because when I use regular, the embossing seems to crack and chip off from the pressure.

Hope you found today’s shares inspiring!