Cliché? Alright already!!! I don’t care!!! •hair flip• It is STILL such a super cute way to congratulate someone on their engagement!

“Painted” the nails with a Copic Marker—struggling to remember what color it was, but my best guess, based on my collection of Copics, is that it was either Salmon Red, or Coral.

It’s hard to tell on camera, but I actually drew “bling rays” radiating outward from the hand using the clear Shimmer Pen, and also put a coating of the same on the red nails. And, holy crow, those White Rhinestones make the poifect rock for that ring finger! •wink•

The finished card measures 3.5 x 5” (a.k.a. a 4-bar notecard). As an A-2 the balance looked off but when you scale it down like this, it just feels right to the eyes.

Thanks for stopping by today!