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Lots of us are hopping on Instagram to celebrate Ellen Hutson LLC’s 12th Anniversary!!!—you can find me HERE, if you wanna follow and see all the eye candy we’re sharing!

Some of you may or may not know the story of Ellen and I… So, I’m copying and pasting a post I wrote a couple of years ago on my old blog here, because every word I said then holds true to this day:


LINK:  splitcoaststampers.com

Brace y’selves; it’s about to get sappy.  But in a goodly way. :)

Ellen and I have been chums for a long time, first “meeting” on Splitcoaststampers.com where we were delighted to discover we lived in the same state, and within a few hours’ travel time! One day, Ellen invited me to her home for lunch plus an afternoon of stamping and cardmaking.  I will never forget that day–it was a blast and she endeared herself to me instantly because of her friendly, open demeanor, her warm, happy spirit and boundless enthusiasm!

When she launched Ellen Hutson LLC, I was excited for her and very much in awe and admiration–it takes a lot of courage to turn a dream into a reality.  And, yes, hard work.  LOTS of hard work.

As her company has grown and blossomed, my respect and admiration has only deepened–because I know the heart of the woman behind the company; her desire and commitment to help other individuals that work with her, alongside her, within this industry, to achieve and succeed is unparalleled.  I’m thankful for the faith she has put in me, and all her encouragement…  I thank my lucky stars daily that I get to call her colleague AND dearly loved friend.

I’m so gosh darn proud of her, I could bust!

Congratulations, Ellen and Team, for rocking the last TWELVE years and here’s to many more! ❤️

I was going for a a mod holly look. How’d I do?

My holiday card stash is just about complete, but if you’re lookin’ for more holiday inspo, I have an online workshop listed over in my shop that might interest you, called Making Merry ⬅︎

Meantime, it’s MONDAY already! How’d that happen???!!!