Whaaaaat??? How he do dat?! •chortle• This idea, yes, this idea right here, was one of the reasons why I wanted a ski set so very badly. IT CRACKS ME!!!

Please disregard the spelling error; we corrected it before this set began to ship out and the correct version of the expression has been added to the set. I was making my samples ahead of release with the prototype, so my sample here is what it is.

I adore these ski peeps so much and can’t stop playing with them…

This dude is one heckuva skier—I mean, imagine the skillz!!! (I have those skillz… in my dreams… BAH HA HAAAA!!!)

I placed the die cut skier and trees temporarily on my card and used a pencil to lightly draw the ski trail how I wanted it. Moved the images out of the way and used a fine tip marker to go over my pencil lines, then again with a Quickie Glue Pen—when you need a fine line of glue, it’s the bestest!— and added sparkly glitter to enhance it all. Then I popped up the trees and the skier.

Every time I look at this, I chuckle…