So.  This started out as a fail; I die cut the words upside down from each other on some Cotton Candy Bazzill (pink) card stock.  I had to die cut again to make the card I had actually PLANNED on making.  LOL!  (see Happy Hello)


But, I saved the pink letters. Cuz that's what we do, right?! 

And, I stamped over them using the Plaid Maker set (the large textured squares) and Coral ink, set 'em aside, and got busy on this project's top panel, stamping a mix of fruits, flowers and greenery with Catherine Pooler Dye inks (I love these water-based dye inks; they have become my go-to colored inks!)


I like using second generation impressions, mixed in with first--it's like having two colors of ink for the price of one and it adds an element of depth! *fist pump* Initially I was going to pop up those skinny li'l letters (insert look of horror), and then it occurred to me that it would be a lot faster and far less tedious to just inset them into the top panel.  *smacks forehead*.  This time, however, I was extra careful that I had BOTH my word dies placed in the right direction before I cut through that purdy stamped panel... 

Goofing up isn't a bad thing; it sometimes leads to an idea you hadn't thought of before. *WINNING*

I can't remember where I picked up these particular HAI Supply rainbow flower sequins, but I've listed some similar shaped ones down below in the supplies--they're an opaque iridescent.  I love all the rainbow iridescent sequins from HAI--if I need to, there's always colors in them that I can cherry pick from to coordinate with my projects.  YASSS!!!