TWELVE YEARS!!! Wowzers! Happy Anniversary to my dear friend, Ellen! I still shake my head when I remember how she started and how she has so carefully nurtured her simple dreams to grow to where it is now. Girl’s got a lotta pluck and a heart of gold. I’m so stinkin’ proud of her, and grateful, always, that I get to work with her! YAY!!!

Ask me what my favorite Essentials by Ellen set or product is, and I honestly can’t narrow it down to just one, even among the ones I’ve personally designed. Julie refuses!

BUT, I will cay the ones that make me smile or laugh always rank really high with me, like Wasabi. Plus, I love sushi fo’h realz; I’m salivating just looking at this thing! LOL!


Those high gloss liquidy embellishments make everything look so delish… Too bad this card is not edible. . . #sad

Do you have an EBE favorite? Or a handful of faves? Do tell! It’s fun to hear!!!