Bradley Spider

The Mister’s birthday is Halloween, so it’s fun to come up with all kinds of spooky greetings. I used the House Box die to make some windows on my card for this one, and colored the punkin and the cat with Copics. Borrowed the sentiment from Bear Ware 2 and the bunting is from the Parcel Box Die.

After spattering with black acrylic paint, I needed a spider to dangle from the little bunting, and thus, Bradley Spider was born. Punched a 1/16” hole, drew some legs and a web string and popped a mini brad in.

BTW, if you don’t have a brad the color you need, you can customize it with any color embossing powder you have on hand. Just grasp the prongs with tweezers (safety first!), and heat the head of the brad with your embossing gun. Dip it into embossing powder; the embossing powder should melt instantaneously and seal itself to the brad head. If there are any grains that happen not to melt, just pass the heat gun over those areas. Allow the brad to cool before using.

One of the great things about longer skinny clear stamps? They are bendy! So I could follow the curve with the little sentiment!