Looks like a snow globe, but it s’not. •chinkle• Sorry, can’t help m’self.

I love the effect of the glitter paper behind the Alpine Snowfall Die—all the sparkle for so little effort! •fist pump• This die sold out, but is at last back in stock—YAY!!! There’s a limited supply so if you’re jonesing for it, snag one now!

Normally, I’m over designing Christmas cards at this point and ready to move on. But, this year is different. I’m bemoaning that I have so many more ideas I want to try, and there just isn’t enough time to execute them. •wee pity party•

The planets aligned for me on this one and it turned out exactly how I saw it in my head. It doesn’t always go that way, but when it does, there’s a whole lotta monkey clapping, I tell ya’. I didn’t even need to sit on my hands to prevent AMS (Add More Syndrome) . . . •chortle•

The spherical scene with the Alpine Windows Die Set is super easy to do, but also easier to SEE how it’s done, rather than explained in words—if you want to see how, check out this video HERE, starting at minute mark 2:34. I use a 3” circle die from the Hero Arts Infinity Circles set, but any 3” circle die will work, of course.

Quickly colored the house and trees with Copic markers, diecut the Alpine Snowfall into some Taffy Card stock and slapped some silver glitter paper on the back; mounted everything together, popping up the tree and house portions with foam tape and white embossing the sentiment (borrowed from Snow Days) onto a scrap of black card stock.

I really need to make another one I can frame and hang up—it’s just so cute, I can’t even . . .

Hope your Thanksgiving is warm and wonderful!